Role of the FSM

It shall be the duty of a fire safety manager to assist the owner or occupier of any specified premises to:

  1. ensure at all times that fire safety requirements contained in the Fire Emergency Plan are complied with;
  2. supervise the maintenance of all fire safety works in the premises;
  3. ensure at all times that the occupant load of any part of any building does not exceed the capacity prescribed under the Fire Code;
  4. conduct daily checks within the premises and remove or cause to be removed any fire hazard that is found within the premises;
  5. prepare a Fire Emergency Plan for the premises and conduct fire drills for the occupant s therein annually or on such occasion as may be directed by the Commissioner;
  6. ensure that all occupants are familiar with the means of escape located within the premises;
  7. prepare fire safety guidebooks for the occupants of the premises;
  8. train the occupants in the premises in first aid, fire fighting and evacuation in the event of fire;
  9. co-ordinate and supervise the occupants within the premises in fire fighting and in evacuation in the event of fire or other emergencies;
  10. supervise the operation of the Fire Command Centre in the event of fire or other emergencies;
  11. conduct at least 2 Table Top Exercises within the premises each year and to evaluate, together with the Fire Safety Committee, the effectiveness of the Arson Prevention Plan and the Fire Emergency Plan for those premises;
  12. prepare and implement the Arson Prevention Plan for the premises;
  13. notify the Commissioner immediately upon the occurrence of any fire incident in the premises;
  14. organise campaigns, training courses, competitions, contests and other activities which will develop and maintain the interest of the occupants within the premises in establishing a fire safe environment; and
  15. carry out such other duties as the Commissioner may require.

Fire Safety (Fire Safety Managers) Regulations
Via Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)